Patisserie 46

Patisserie 46 was opened in the South Minneapolis neighborhood by award-winning chef John Kraus. It became an immediate hit with the community and today it remains an institution for a quick morning coffee stop, a grab-and-go french baguette for dinner, or a special weekend tartine and petit gâteau. My role focused on front of house counter service. The most challenging responsibility at the service point of a patisserie is becoming versed in all of the ingredients and baking methods that go into each pastry. The next step is to communicate and give the descriptions the care that truly reflects the eloquent flavors. This was my first hospitality job throughout the year of 2009.

The Libertine

Chicago restaurateur and sommelier Nick Luedde opened his first St. Louis, Missouri venture alongside James Beard nominated chef Josh Galliano. The concept was a neighborhood eatery that brought a more approachable facade to French contemporary shared-plate dining. St. Louis is very much the epicenter of farm to fork culture in the US and the seasonal rotation was paired with an expert wine selection, craft beer menu, and cocktails served up by mixologist Ben Bauer. Opening the restaurant in 2013, my role as a server at a tapas style fine dining restaurant meant that I was just as much a sculptor of the dining experience as was the kitchen. Managing the timeliness between tables, stages of meals, rounds of drinks, taste palates, and getting a general sense of how a customer enjoyed their meal was all a part of creating great customer service. I expanded to getting a couple shifts learning the specialty cocktails behind the bar and pulling some espresso shots. 

austin daily press

Austin, Texas is obsessed with Mexican cuisine. You will find endless variations and fusions of different mexican dishes coming out of food trucks and hole-in-the-wall joints. Austin Daily Press is a patio seating americanized torta shop: A torta is a Mexican sandwich typified by its fluffy toasted bun . Sharing a parking lot with a juice bar and a pub meant we share customers starting with lunch hours and flipping over to a completely different patron group at night. As front of house I was managing our counter and outdoor seating patio. The role (2015-2016) was completely different from any jobs I had worked previously. Because of the small size of the kitchen I was single-handedly orchestrating window orders, communicating with the line and manager, delivering food, taking phone requests, and constantly checking stock of drinks and cold dishes. There was only space for one of me so I had to become very autonomous and efficient in my work. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of turning what would be repetitive interactions with customers into unique and personable conversations. 


RSA Licensed in Victoria, Australia

TABC in the USA

Food Handler in the USA