Design Build Adventure is Jack Sander's architecture, fabrication, and installation practice out of Austin, TX. Jack is spectacular at bringing art and social landscape elements to the work that he produces and curates beautiful projects. 

My Roles: During the Spring of 2016 I was introduced to Jack through my connections I made with Auburn's Rural Studio from my time in Alabama. Jack took me into the workshop to help finish the fabrication of some finishing touches and vanities for a cabin project he was working on with a client in New Mexico. I took my first stabs at welding steel bed frames for a wall-mounted suspended bunk bed. I also worked on cutting Brazilian hardwood for interior siding of the cabin. I hope to collaborate with Jack again in the near future, perhaps planning a portfolio project supplementing my increasing interest in design build. Above you can also see some really cool coat hangers that Jack designed. 


Butler Bros: A creative communications studio in Austin, TX that works in radical and innovative collaboration with clients to deliver the dignified voice of a brand.

My Roles: I Performed primary market research for new clients of The Butler Bros. I gave context and laid out the basis for the creative communications projects that the Butler team undertook. I also participated as a facilitator of design blitzes with clients. Design blitzes serve to better inform the team about the mission and culture of clients. In turn clients are better prepared to share themselves and their goals throughout the process of innovative branding and design. 


Walk In Lay Down is the semesterly music festival at Washington University in St. Louis. For two semesters I worked on the executive board to produce the shows and create an interactive concert experience. We brought in world-class acts and worked with local vendors to perfect a festival ambiance for the event. 



HERO Bike is a full service custom bamboo bike shop in the heart of rural Alabama. 

My Roles: From 2014 through 2015 I worked as the one and only employee at the HERO bamboo bike shop in Greensboro, AL. With limited templates, instruction and sparse resources, I turned the business into a flourishing boutique bike shop as a newfound builder. I became inspired as a craftsman to work with my hands, and the year in Alabama shaped my outlook as to how I want to apply myself in my professional life moving forward. Living and working in the deep south was enchanting and strange, allowing me to focus and immerse myself in my trade. My roles include. Shop manager, craftsman, workshop instructor, trade show marketing, international client relations, distribution inventory, bamboo forester, metalworker, woodworker, product design.


inHale was a social design campaign to bring light to 'rural hackers' and the ingenuity in hidden spaces of this country.

My Roles: Managed a road trip, wrote a travel blog, ran social media, and worked alongside a creative director to brand our message and our website.

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International Studies & Spanish Language  Experience includes stays in Cuba, Madrid, and Chile. I had a holistic immersion in language, culture, politics, history, and art. 

Operation Wallacea is a worldwide British biology conservation project. I served as an expeditionary camp manager in the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve in the rainforest of Mayan Mexico.  

My Roles: In the summer of 2016 I decided to dig back into my academic background in biological anthropology. As a camp manager I functioned as our communications and operational leader in a remote research camp. I worked with renowned expert scientists from around the world in the effort to collect data that supports the protection and health of the rainforest. My duties included satellite communication with directors and medics, teaching survival courses, assistance in data collection, and as our liaison and Spanish translator with local guides in the nearest Mayan community. The experience exercised my problem solving skills in a new and challenging setting. When problems arose there was not much margin for error and it was my responsibility to solve any predicaments. 


AIGA - Alabama Innovation Engine was a weekend workshop where professional graphic designers 'designed for good.' Creative problem solvers approached deep seated community and environmental issues. 

My Roles: Workshop Documentarian & post-it note chief. 




Door to Doctor was a student interaction design project at Washington University in St. Louis. The end product was a mobile app that would solve the problems of outpatient transportation in St. Louis hospitals. 

My Roles: Field researcher. Employed Design Thinking exercises and methodologies during strategy, ambassador and storyteller, collaborator with visual designers.

Americorps VISTA service member 2014-2105. My year of service is synonymous with the work I did at the bamboo bike shop. My job was to be an ambassador in the community as much as it was to build bikes.


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Washington University in St. Louis — BA Anthropology, Spanish Minor 2014

Universidad Cátolica de Chile — Santiago, Chile Semester 2013

Language Institute — Madrid, Spain 2011